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Boeing Trailers

Hallstrom Place, Wetherill Park NSW

Boeing Trailers

At Toolmann, we manufacture Boeing Trailer parts for the assembly of high-quality trailers to meet Australian Standards and Conditions. We manufacture guards, mounting plates, axle mounting brackets, suspension mounts, all that can withstand the harshest weather conditions and off-road tracks.

We can work with you to design tool specifications which comply with warranties and standards. Mass producing custom parts to a high standard of quality can also be made cost-effective with Toolmann as we negotiate stock replenishment when it is suitable for you, remaining competitive with lower cost parts.

We fabricate parts for:

  • Trailer Mounts
  • Trailer Components
  • Trailer Brackets
  • Australian Marine Trailers


Our products are built to Australian Standards to suit your needs.

We can design, manufacture, and have products tested to the highest standards and will surpass expectations for any of our customers.
Our experienced team and top-quality equipment entail high quality metalworking services.
We have custom fabricated projects ranging from small one-off custom pieces to large quantity mass produced products.
We provide consultancy services for design and contract manufacturing. 

Why Choose Toolmann?

  • Quality controlled
  • Competitive in pricing
  • Specialising in metal fabrication
  • Ideas and solutions
  • Range of materials

Trailer fabrications

Our products are built to Australian Standards to suit your needs.

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