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Quality custom


We can supply Hardware and custom components with our mass production floor for any industry and customers stringent requirements. We have a range of products to assist you for your day-to-day operation. We supply hardware and make a number of products for different industries such as the Bricklaying, mining, marine and civil industries. We manufacture the whole range of Kingsway Tools products which are leader in the construction industry. Kingsway supply a full range of hand tools and machinery such  as the King steady clamps used in brick laying (see  For more information, visit Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call us at (02)4627 8163.


Why Choose Toolmann for your Components?

  • Cut complex shapes
  • Quality controlled
  • Able to handle short lead times
  • Quality in workmanship
  • Competitive in pricing
  • Durable and Productive

  •  High-volume production


professional components

If you need high quality and on budget Hardware and custom components, call us today. 

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