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Consulting / Support 

Need help with Design, Engineering or Production

Consulting clients on best plan of action.

From initial concept to project closeout, we help our clients in organising and coordinating the entire project, mitigating complex problems. We allocate our experts based on each client’s specific needs and project requirements.

Our experienced team of engineers use effective leadership and attention to detail to deliver premium services to make your journey from start to finish memorable. Our team applies collaborative support and a passion to innovate helping our clients make key decisions and deliver an excellent final product.

Toolmann has proven systems and the ability to consult clients on best plan of action, to help you achieve your desired goal using our state-of-the-art technology, innovating in a competitive market.

Our experienced team of engineers and designers can consult with you on-site to help with any design work or engineering problems to maximise your productivity. Contact our office today to discuss your project.


We strongly believe thorough consultation is the foundation of a successful project.

Recent projects we consulted on:

Why Choose Toolmann for your metal fabrication?

  • Proven systems
  • Consulting on best methods
  • Support during and after project
  • Overcome production issues.
  • Consult on processes / efficiency
  • Solve complex projects

Companies we Consult / Support

professional Consulting and support

Do you require assistance with your Designs, Engineering or production level projects?

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