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One-off Custom Metal Furniture Fabrication & Mass-produced Manufacturing

Custom Metal Furniture Fabrication & Mass Scale Manufacturing

At Toolmann, we manufacture custom-made one-off metal furniture for homes and businesses. We also manufacture furniture on large scale production runs that go through our effortless, cost-effective mass-production system, which includes designing, prototyping, producing, testing to a final product.

With Custom architectural metal fabrication including the designing of a myriad of products for commercial & residential, indoor & outdoor, including furniture, planters, office fronts, beds, tables, and chairs, partitions, panels using our Production Capabilities, Including Several High Tech Laser Cutting Systems & Secondary Operations Of CNC Machining, Bending, stamping, cutting, Welding & Finishing, From Simple Laser Cutting To Full Fabrication there isn’t a project we can’t handle.

We are able to custom manufacture structural and ornamental steel products for commercial and residential sectors matching your furniture products, including staircases, railings, fencing, balconies, entry doors, columns, panels and beams.

We understand the need to maximise your design space with furniture that fits just right. And that’s why each piece from Toolmann Engineering is measured to your specifications and designed just for you.

Each of our pieces is crafted by hand to give your space a distinctive style, whether for an apartment, restaurant, hotel, or office.

Our team of furniture manufacturers has experience in designing, constructing, and customising any type of furniture you may need. What you get is individually handcrafted furniture made through time-tested methods and that stand the test of time through careful craftsmanship.

You’ll find that Toolmann is the choice for Sydney based custom metal furniture that is completed on time with precision and quality.

With our mass production system and assembly lines with quality control at each step without hampering production speed, you won’t lose out on quality.

We put the same care into our smallest projects that we put into the largest order. And no matter how many pieces you order, you can rest assured that each one was given the same attention to detail. We take orders for individual pieces of furniture, living room, bedroom, and dining sets, and large orders of beds, tables, and chairs for restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.

At Toolmann, with over 30 years of industry knowledge, having served the likes of Diami  which are well-known office furniture suppliers, with a polished skill set, we also have our own brand of metal furniture sold under the brand name In Design Furniture, where we focus on quality Australian-made and designed furniture for the home and office. See our products here 

We can design to your exact specifications. If you don’t have CAD drawings, no problems, we’ll help with that too. You get the ultimate in individualised service.

We make sure your furniture is exactly what you want, with superior quality, by making you a part of the design process from the very beginning.

You are the designer. We are the experts.

Why Choose Toolmann for Furniture Metal Fabrication?

  • Design / Creative capabilities
  • 3d Design available
  • Solution provider.
  • Quality controlled
  • Competitive in pricing
  • Highly experienced in metal fabrication.
  • Robotic welding available
  • Cut complex shapes

Furniture metal works

For custom architectural furniture fabrication solutions, that’s creative, delivered on time and within budget, contact us today.

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