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Diami & Service NSW

Sydney, NSW

Diami and Service NSW Furniture

Diami is a supplier of innovative commercial furniture for corporate, government, education, architectural and design markets.

Diami believes that a person’s work environment influences the way they feel, so we have made it our mission to ensure that we manufacture furniture which inspires, motivates and stimulates while offering complete user comfort, performance and good health.

At, we continually undertake commissions for Diami, including manufacturing of products for the Linart Planters, Look and GenX range, which includes chairs, tables, planters and sofa and lounge leg frames for all the Service NSW Centres around Australia. Service NSW are to be fitted out with new sofas with security legs that have to be bolted down for safety.

Toolmann was able to produce high-quality products at competitive prices using our state of the art robotic jig welders.

Toolmann offers a range of superior quality components, hardware and tools, mass producing in quantity, efficiently, mass production of components using our fabrication team adhering to your specifications help produce quality components, keep component costs low, further increasing efficiency and productivity for your business.

Some of the products manufactured for Diami include:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Planters
  • Parts
  • and More

Why Choose Toolmann?

  • Tier 1 fabricator
  • Fast assembly
  • Mass production available
  • Quality controlled
  • Competitive in pricing
  • Ideas and solutions
  • Range of materials
  • On-site installation
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We manufacture Office Chairs, Tables, Planters that comply with strict Australian standards. Call our office to discuss your project Today.

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