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Eaton - Componentry
fabrication & mass production

Electrical and metal componentry fabrications

At Toolmann, we supply a range of electrical and metal components for various uses, such as the scraping earth springs used by Eaton Electrical globally.

Eaton approached Toolmann after unsuccessfully trying to produce a consistent product through other manufacturers that had the electrical resistance required and also was not brittle after treating and stamping. The unique material was specially designed and ordered by Toolmann for the project. Our team of expert engineers came up with the solution that worked and we have been producing the product consistently for the past 15 years and eaton have been distributing the product globally with great success. We designed the product for eaton electrical to pass stringent australian and global standards. 

We can design, manufacture and have products tested to standards and pass for any of our customers.

We have custom fabricated projects ranging from small one off custom pieces to large quantity mass produced products.

Why Choose Toolmann?

  • Fabricate complex shapes
  • Quality controlled
  • Able to handle short lead times
  • Quality in workmanship
  • Competitive in pricing
  • Mass production available


componentry steel fabrications

If you require intricate fabrication, no problems! Want a  precise, quality finish on time and within budget, contact us today.

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Toolmann has been in the metal fabrication, engineering and toolmaking industry since 1995.
Toolmann’s Highly skilled dedicated team of engineers, fabricators and consultants have been with the company since the start . With a combine experience of 100 years in the industry its staff can provide the client with the ideal solution for any project large or small, Whilst working closely with and always striving to provide its clients with the best service, highest quality to streamline and increase productivity and solve any problem is our core principle at Toolmann engineering