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At Toolmann Engineering in Sydney, we specialise in robotic welding jigs as well as milling and bending jigs with over 40 years experience in the industry we’ll make sure you have the jigs that provide accuracy, repeatability, interchangeability and reliability in the manufacturing of products or for any application you require. 

Our jigs are custom-made tools used to control the location and/or motion of parts or other tools. A jig is often confused with a fixture; a fixture holds the work in a fixed location. A device that does both functions that is holding the work and guiding a tool is called a jig. Since the increase in use of automated cnc machines and robotic welders it may seem jigs are not required as much because the tool path is programmed into memory on the CNC however there are still requirements where production material need to be held in place for welding, drilling etc and having a jig which is easily moved from one machinery to another without losing positioning etc if required. 

Using Jigs can also prevent injury, as the operator can stand back and avoid contact while metals are being welded, drilled etc 

We also provide  drill jigs on multiple interchangeable parts by acting as a template to guide drilling accurately each time. Jigs are a practical necessity for fabrication in volume and or when dealing with tight tolerances.

While it can seem like a lot of extra work, making a jig can actually save significant time in the long run. The benefits for any metal fabrication in volume should be obvious. Sometimes, even in one-off fabrications, a jig can provide advantages that more than make up for the time spent building it.
Jigs help with producing consistent products and reduce the chances of fabrication errors.


We work with you every step of the way from design to manufacturing right up to installation and setup off the jig.

Robust, Efficient and Cost effective jigs and fixtures

Why Choose Toolmann for plasma Jig making?

  • Fabricate complex shapes
  • Jigs are Cost effective
  • Accuracy & Reliability
  • Quality controlled
  • Able to handle short lead times
  • Quality in workmanship
  • Competitive in pricing
  • Interchangeability


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