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Plastic welding service

We supply plastic welding services for our injection moulded parts with the latest in plastic welding CNC controlled machines from small scale work up to large scale plastic welding here in Sydney. We understand that production of a good quality weld does not only depend on the welding methods, but also weldability of base materials. So, we take extra care for the evaluation of weldability.

With over 30 years of experience in mass production, metal fabrication and engineering our team of fabricators can help you complete your project. 

If you have any plastic welding enquiry, call us now.

Robust, Dimensionally stable and Cost effective solutions

Some of the areas we are able to service 

  • Manufacturing
  • Marine plastic welding
  • Medical instrument and equipment plastic welding
  • Mining industry
  • Material Handling 
  • Water Treatment industries
  • Agricultural / farming equipment plastic welding
  • Building & Construction plastic welding
  • Chemical
  • Defence
  • Educational

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Why Choose Toolmann for plastic welding?

  • Rapid production
  • Innovative
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Quality controlled
  • Competitive in pricing


professional Plastic welding

If you need customised top-quality plastic welding service within your budget, call us today.
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