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Australian Production

Australian Mass Produced products

Toolmann Engineering has production facilities that are capable of cutting, stamping, welding and much more at scale at our Sydney based plant.

Our machines are the latest, such as CNC operated Hypertherm plasma cutting tables, robotic welding systems and our team of highly experienced engineers and cnc operators with more then 40 years experience in the industry, can meet any customer requirements.

We work with mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and  plastic. We have facilities to cut, fabricate, weld, fold and coat to customers requirements in a production line.

We can mass produce or repair many components, some of which are


  • Construction industry parts such Stremaform
  • Furniture such as chairs, tables
  • Brass ware such as aged look Brass Draw handles
  • Brackets
  • Electronic/Electrical parts
  • Robotic welded componentry
  • Stamped spring products
  • Mass weld heavy duty components
  • Custom made low quantity products
  • products with various finishes 
  • and much much more

Why Choose Toolmann for production?

  • Quality controlled
  • Able to handle short lead times
  • Quality in workmanship
  • Competitive in pricing
  • customisable
  • Quick, easy Communication


local mass production

If you want a  Fast, local and with a minimum of fuss locally produced solution, contact us.

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