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Precise Machining,
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Machining services

Toolmann has the capability and knowledge to machine a variety of materials, including:

  • Plastics
  • Brass, copper, bronze
  • Stainless steel, titanium, high tensile steel
We specialise in CNC machining of precision components and we can help you with every aspect of your project from design to production. We use the latest technology in machinery and software to produce quality products at a competitive price within a short lead time. We can machine complex products straight from your software – electronic model, or alternatively, we can create these models for you and feed this information into any one of CNC machines.
Our machine shop can cater to light engineering and maintenance work up to heavy large-scale mass production CNC machining and milling of all types of steel and plastics.

Why Choose Toolmann for your machining and milling?

  • Systematic engineering
  • Quality controlled
  • Able to handle short lead times
  • Quality in workmanship
  • Competitive in pricing
  • Delivering consistent quality
  • Reliability and productivity

Completed Machining Projects

Precise Machining and milling

If you want a  Fast, clean and with a minimum of fuss machining or milling solution, get in contact with us today!

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About Us

Toolmann has been in the metal fabrication, engineering and toolmaking industry since 1995.
Toolmann’s Highly skilled dedicated team of engineers, fabricators and consultants have been with the company since the start . With a combine experience of 100 years in the industry its staff can provide the client with the ideal solution for any project large or small, Whilst working closely with and always striving to provide its clients with the best service, highest quality to streamline and increase productivity and solve any problem is our core principle at Toolmann engineering