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Metal stamping
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Metal stamping services

Toolmann engineering specialises in all types of metal stamping and presswork in mild steel, aluminium, copper, bars and stainless. With over 40 years of experience in the industry our engineers can work with you from first prototyping up to the final tool design  and manufacture as well as tool maintenance and repair. We have a large assortment of automated and semi automated presses ranging from 1 tonne up to 300 tonne. We can also work off coil on sheet and do multi stage pressing, punching, notching, bending and coating with packaging for final delivery.

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process used to convert flat metal sheets into specific shapes. It is a complex process that can include a number of metal forming techniques — blanking, punching, bending and piercing, to name a few. With a large scale fabrication floor and experienced team we make sure the process is smooth and quality assured final product.

  • Precision sheet metal stamping
  • Die and CNC stamping
  • Tin, brass and aluminum stamping
  • iron  and stainless steel stamping
  • Hot stamping metal
  • Decorative metal stampings
  • industrial  & large metal stamping
  • custom sheet metal stamping
  • punching and stamping
  • deep stamping & sheet metal pressing

Apart from Progressive, Compound Blank and Secondary Stamping, we also provide CNC  turret punching perfect for mass production and can provide Welding, Deburring, Finishing, Painting, Plating through our or our partner facilities.

Why Choose Toolmann for your stamping and fabrication?

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Quality controlled
  • Able to handle short lead times
  • Competitive in pricing
  • Able to complete complex projects
  • Short run stamping
  • CNC Turret Punching


professional stamping

If you need a  Fast, clean and with a minimum of fuss stamping or CNC Turret punching services contact us today.

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