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Automatic Cold Saw cutting

Top-quality Automatic cold Saw Cutting Service

Toolmann engineering specialises in all types of saw cutting services. From the mining industry to factory production lines to all types of industrial machinery. With our in-house team of engineers we are qualified to cut to your exact specification. 

Our fully equipped workshop allows us to manufacture full production runs or  one-off parts with our state-of-the-art Automatic cold saw cutting. 

Our saw cutting facilities are capable of cutting aluminium, carbon and alloy steels. Our machines have the latest and high-quality blades which can produce very clean and fast cuts with no distortion. Our blades are suitable for heavy-duty work. Our team of highly experienced engineers and with more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, can meet any customer requirements. The advantage of automatic saw profile cutting is the lower cost per piece to the customer and an enormous range of versatility.

Toolmann engineering specialises in proper cutting techniques using up-to-date modern cutting tools to get the best possible finish. Our skilled team can remove burrs by hand using specialised manual deburring tools. We always aim to deliver a professional experience from start to finish, and we supply the best service at a low cost.

We use only the best and latest cutting machines and along with our machining capabilities ensure we can measure, cut or grind a wide range of parts, to the most demanding specifications. Coupled with our in-house quality control team we make sure we achieve the an excellent finished product.

Why Choose Toolmann Engineering for your Saw Cutting?

  • Most accurate
  • Fast assembly
  • Quality controlled
  • Competitive in pricing
  • Automatic saw profile cutting
  • No Burrs, No distortion
  • High precision
  • Low cost
  • Automated

cold saw cutting

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