Stremaform® Steel Fabrication

Stremaform® Steel Fabrication
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Stremaform® Steel Fabrication services

Stremaform® by Max Frank is a formwork element for working joints which divides large structural components into individual construction joints. The prefabricated elements are used as permanent formwork in floor slabs, ceilings and walls.

Stremaform® formwork guarantees a rough surface. Shear forces are transmitted via this working joint. According to test reports, the Stremaform® flat material achieves the values of indented joints according to Eurocode 2, and performed the same or better then if the structural component was monolithic.

Stremaform® lies between the continuous reinforcement layers so that there is no need to interrupt the reinforcement onto the second pour.


For more information on Stremaform and other formwork and concrete solutions please visit our  partners Maxfrank

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